Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boys Reversible Romper Tutorial

Using Boy’s Romper Pattern, cut out pieces per pattern (I extended the crotch curve to the next larger size to give a little extra room)

Sew front pieces together at center front from top to crotch. Repeat for front lining, back and back lining.

Press center seams open.

Now is the time to add embroidery or appliqu├ęs to the front and/or front lining if you want to.

Pin front to front lining right sides together. Sew top seam from underarm to underarm. Repeat with back and back lining.

Clip curves and trim corners, Turn right side out and press.

Open out front from front lining and back from back lining.
Pin fronts to backs along side seams, right sides together.
Sew both side seams all the way along main fabric and linings.

Press side seams open by placing over end of ironing board.

Turn right side out, inserting lining inside of main fabric.

Turn one main fabric leg around so that right side of main fabric is facing right side of lining and sew leg main fabric to lining.
Turn right side out and repeat with other leg.
Measure crotch seam from bottom of front left to right along raw edge.

Cut fabric 1 5/8” by leg length plus ½” My length was 11.5” so I cut my pieces 1 5/8” x 12”. Cut 2 of main fabric, 2 of lining fabric, and 2 of interfacing.
Apply interfacing to 2 of same fabric pieces.
Follow directions in SisBoom Carly Bubble Romper to create crotch pieces using the dimensions above.
Apply crotch pieces to raw edges of leg openings similar to Carly Bubble romper pattern.

All seams are enclosed and you have made a reversible romper.

Apply snaps to crotch and buttons and buttonholes to romper. If you want a reversible romper apply buttons to both sides of top straps.